Raelena Vasquez

The designer…

Raelena Vasquez, founder and designer of Swank Design is a native Californian whose devotion to experiential design started at a young age. An entrepreneurial upbringing instilled a natural intrigue of business, manufacturing, and lifestyle design. Raelena received her academic training in fashion at FIDM in Los Angeles and UCR in Interior Design. Her design aesthetic encompasses a multifaceted approach. It is distinctively and provocatively utilizes modern and contemporary, vintage and organic, architectural and classic elements. Raelena brings a sensory experience into spaces invoking ingenuity and imagination juxtaposed with serenity and belonging.


Raelena has a diverse and extensive design background in fashion, furniture design, and residential and commercial interior design projects. Exploration of materials, colors, forms, patterns and minute details cohesively paint a narrative in every design.

“I involve the whole person and the whole space. We work together to create a dream distinctive environment. This environment becomes a joy to share, to participate in, to love.”

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Raelena understands the desire to have a beautiful living and working environment that doesn’t compromise comfort and functionality for everyday busy lives.

Please contact us anytime with any questions or inquiries. We are more than happy to answer your questions.  

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